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Code 0411 SAIP

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So I normally am posting on my sons car but this one is for mine. I have a 2004 Passat 1.8t manual with 185K miles. This code was thrown shortly after I bought it. I reset it and a week later it came back. I checked the fuse and changed the relay (I pulled one from a car at the wrecking yard, so not 100% positive it's a good relay). I changed that relay last week and the code hasn't come back but shouldn't I hear the pump kick on on cold start? I can hear my sons kick on but when I start my car in the morning, I don't hear anything. I read somewhere on this forumn someone saying they paid a mechanic $1300 to replace that pump??? That seems steep! I found that I can buy the pump around $100 and it looks easy to get to as it's right at the bottom of the car under the passenger headlight. So why $1300? As I said it looks easy to get to and if I end up having to replace this pump, I will also replace the check valve. I know this isn't a hugely important thing to fix as it's for emissions but I hate seeing the engine light and will have to pass emissions to license it next year. Any other trouble shooting tips for a not so mechanically inclined guy? I'm willing to learn and get my hands dirty but only to a point without someone who is mechanically inclined at my side teaching me. I do have a buddy that can help but I try to do as much trouble shooting as I can before bugging him.
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The secondary air injection pump is $500 USD approx from the dealer for the part, or buy the exact Pierburg brand pump for $300 USD or go to and get their slightly inferior-to-OEM version for $169 USD. The combi valve is another $100 and the labour for both the pump and the combi valve should not exceed 1.5 hours. Both are easy DIY items, lots of write ups for both jobs. Hope this helps.
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