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Code 0411 SAIP

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So I normally am posting on my sons car but this one is for mine. I have a 2004 Passat 1.8t manual with 185K miles. This code was thrown shortly after I bought it. I reset it and a week later it came back. I checked the fuse and changed the relay (I pulled one from a car at the wrecking yard, so not 100% positive it's a good relay). I changed that relay last week and the code hasn't come back but shouldn't I hear the pump kick on on cold start? I can hear my sons kick on but when I start my car in the morning, I don't hear anything. I read somewhere on this forumn someone saying they paid a mechanic $1300 to replace that pump??? That seems steep! I found that I can buy the pump around $100 and it looks easy to get to as it's right at the bottom of the car under the passenger headlight. So why $1300? As I said it looks easy to get to and if I end up having to replace this pump, I will also replace the check valve. I know this isn't a hugely important thing to fix as it's for emissions but I hate seeing the engine light and will have to pass emissions to license it next year. Any other trouble shooting tips for a not so mechanically inclined guy? I'm willing to learn and get my hands dirty but only to a point without someone who is mechanically inclined at my side teaching me. I do have a buddy that can help but I try to do as much trouble shooting as I can before bugging him.
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You could unplug the SAIP and connect 12V directly to it to see if pump is the problem.
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