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Clutch slave cylinder (red circle) is located on the drivers side of the transmission above the cv axle.
The bleeder screw (yellow arrow). Bleeder screw is a 10mm hex.

Me personally, I can't get my hands up in there that far.
With drivers front tire removed, I use a 6 point 10mm 1/4" drive socket with swivel joint (u-joint) and a 24" long 1/4" drive extension.
It takes a bit of finessing, but with a bit patience and holding your tongue just right it can be done.

You need to be somewhat careful as the slave cylinder is made of plastic, so is the bleeder screw. The plastic is pretty durable but you can't go horsing on it.
(Same exact method as bleeding brakes) about 1/2 turn CCW to loosen, have assistant push on clutch pedal, turn CW to snug, let clutch pedal back up, repeat.

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