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I'm doing a 5 speed swap in my BHW

looking at clutch options for my car

The whitebread set up is top notch no doubt! Probably the best choice this side of the pond but I don't want to invest too much into my work commuter car

the 1.8t gasser flywheels work and are in the 20 some odd pound range. I know there are lots of guys putting serious hp out with the 1.8t. I also prefer the SMF. Are any of those high clamping power clutch kits compatible with the diesels? I'm sure ceramic is not a good choice as I don't want to do a drag race launch each time. Just pondering the budget options that will hold a stage 2 tune.

I've been looking at some of the 1.9 Passat clutch kits on the UK ebay and didn't know if anyone has tried those.
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