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Own a 99 Passat v-6 auto and experiencing a common and reproducable thump or clunk upon acceleration (normal to hard acceleration)...lite acceleration will not produce the sound. Also had similar sound over small hard bumps (like garage floor dam at overhead door).

Recently replaced upper control arm and each tie rod which eliminated the thumping sound over uneven pavement bumps, but acceleration thump still as present as ever.

Have all but ruled out struts (car has good level acceleration and braking balance and no bounce in suspension and no leakage upon inspectioin of struts).

Thinking it may be cv joint(s)...any advice suggestions or experience with similar symptoms?

Thanks Rolf

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It's either the subframe bolts, 'transaxel' mounts, snub mount or engine mounts.

For transaxel read 'Transmision' for you American types.

Firstly check the subframe bolts, just get under the car and give them a tweek. Don't go too mad though because they are supposed to be stretched.

I did this with the very same model of car and it cleared the cluck sound when I accelerated.
I then went back and replaced the bolts with new once the stealership had them in.

I think they cost about $1.50 each. There were 4 in total that I replaced.
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