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club b5 discount???

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im kind anew here, but i have heard about a club discount @ certain places. how do i go about doing that. do you just tell them you are in B5 car club, or do you need some proof??? im fixing up my ride and i neeed all the money i can save!!! let me know, thanx........
1 - 16 of 16 Posts just enter Club B5 in the coupon area at checkout and you automatically get 20% off :thumbup:
Liberty VW has a ClubB5 discount on parts. When you call them (847-680 8000), make sure you ask for the ClubB5 discount., place your order by phone and tell them u are a member
Wow. That's pretty cool, how they acually honor your membership!
Tell Techtonics Tuning that you are a member and get 10% off everything!
^^ really? thats awesome, im about to order from them in the near future!

ProClip gives you a 20% discount :thumbup: for being a ClubB5 member.
This should be in info forum or a sticky, maybe with a link to all the aftermarket websites for our cars b/c google doesn't really help when you're looking.
pssst... our best discounts are called GBs! ;)

Check out the GB forum for more info!
Remember that any local VW dealer worth visiting should give you 20% off parts. I've never been turned down when I asked.
what arguement do you present to get this?

Tom Parish said:
Remember that any local VW dealer worth visiting should give you 20% off parts. I've never been turned down when I asked.
They didn't ask any questions? I'm sure it wouldn't be that smooth for me :roll: I wish I would have known that. The dealer by me has been my 2nd home. I go to work, then to the dealer, then home. That's how my days have been going the past few weeks.
Dang!! :shock: thanxs guys, anyone who reads this thread aught to write this info down, know i did!!! S_klass is right as well, the GB are a steal, although i havent bought anything from there yet.

maybe there should be a list of these websites/vendors in the info forum, so that all :b5: members can browse through before they purchace anything.........just 10%....that covers the taxes!!!! :eek:h: ....... works for me!!

-in the U.S.>you only get a(one) tax-free holiday, one weekend per year, on school supliess!!! :p

we the select few, :D need/can take advantege of this(365-24/7)........thanx to all.......

if YOU know of more vendors that provide discounts to members, post it up, someone will appreciate it!!!............ :thumbup:

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IDriveB5 said:
what arguement do you present to get this?
It's very simple. Tell them that you can get it on the internet at several different VW dealers. If they want your businees they will say yes. My guess is that their markup is between 50 and 100% so they are not loosing much money by giving you a 20% discount.

Besides any mechanic automatically gets at least 20% off. Also try to make friends with the part department. Always go to the same person and give them some praise occasionally on how great their service is compared to another dealer.

Good luck!
Actually that and if you can present yourself as an Indy mechanic shop getting parts for your "customer's" cars, you tend to get a 10 - 20% reseller discount. At least I've tried that and it worked.
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