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Climatronic unit swap

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My Passat is an early B7 (European) with the 2nd generation climatronic control unit and I would like to upgrade this to the 3rd generation unit. My impression is that this is a direct swap?

I have used ETKA to narrow down the list of possible revisions I may have to: 5K0 907 044 GM or 5K0 907 044 FC. They are both listed with the PR code for my car ("9AK - Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc") and the description "display and control panel with cu for electronically controlled air-conditioning for veheicles with auxilliary and seat heating, for veheicles with air quality sensor". I assume "auxilliary heating" is a webasto? Anyway, I will use VCDS to get the exact revision I currently have.

Now to the problem: The new units have the prefix 3AA, the same base part number, but different revision letters. Again, using ETKA and the PR code 9AK I have narrowed it down to three candidates: 3AA 907 044 BD, 3AA 907 044 BS or 3AA 907 044 CM. How do I know which of those three that is the equivalent to my current unit?
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Did a VCDS scan today and my climate control is 5K0 907 044 EC, which appears to be superseded by 5K0 907 044 GM. I am not any closer to finding out which of the 3AA units that will fit, but I will opt for the BD version since this is the oldest of the three and most likely candidate to get along with the rest of the electronics in my car.
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