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Climate control bulb replacement

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I got tired of seeing the same question asked over and over

Move knob to position #2 first

You will see the bulb in the center. I used a pair of needle nose to pull it out but others have used a piece of hose. I picked up a new bulb at Walmart real cheap but the only thing I have noticed with their bulb is that it is a little bit dimmer than the rest of the interior lights when you have the dimmed real low.
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what kidn of bulb goes there... maybe it can be bluE:)
The bulb actually is clear (i've changed mine before)... so its the actual unit that has the red film, or whatever... I've asked that before whether it can be changed to blue, or white..but no luck (that was like 3 years ago that i've asked)...e
When you remove the knob, you will see that there is a red plactic lense around the bulb.
you go Jean :thumbup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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