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Since ClimaTronic is electrically powered, all the air coming into air vents is controlled by electrical switches, which close and open air vents with a push of a button. To replace manual knobs with ClimaTronic you will need to remove your whooole front dash, install switches for air vents and do some work around the engine to get electrical power for switches and ClimaTronic :mad: ......... Also you will need a donor car with the ClimaTronic installed to do the replacement :roll:

Sooo, you will also have to remove dash from the donor car and do the swap. It would take you really a lot of time to do the transition :weirdo:

I also know that it would be hard to find a donor car, since I don't know anyone who wants to change his nice ClimaTronic to manual knobs !!!!!!!! :poke:

So, as said earlier, it is easier to replace the whole car !!!!!! :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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