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Well, today i bought some Valvoline Synpower carb/throttlebody cleaner, and had at it.

everything went well, except i couldn't get the cruise control system rod off the throttle body so i couldn't take the whole thing out. But i did give it a good cleaning (it was surprisingly clean already) and put a new gasket on it, then put it together.

Here is where the screw up happened, i put the throttle body back on tightly, put in the air intake hose, and started it up. I noticed the rpms should drop after i reved it and let it rev down. it would drop to a un-normal degree then back up. so i shut it off, then i checked my work. Turns out i forgot the throttle position sensor. So i attached it and it was perfect!

My question,
Would revving the motor without the Throttle position sensor for about 2 minutes, little less, mess anything up. I drove it home, and it was perfect. just wanted to double check.

Thanks to For their aswome writeup of the throttle body cleaning!
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