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Class or Crass: facelifted ES330

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I have never liked that car at all. It looks all disproportionate and overweight. The interior fit and finish looks excellent as usual. When I saw the first version of the last Camry I thought it was a joke, the Lexus version was much better.
looks about as fugly as it was before the facelift
The front is something like mercedes cls meets tiburon. The rest of it is all camry on crack.
One of the most unattractive Lexus line ... no love here :thumbdow:
Yay, I love glorified Toyotas! (sic)
Yeah. Start posting the originals when you do facelifts. :p

The one thing they do know is interior design and ergonomics. What an incredibly simple, yet stunning layout.
nothing new or original, very toyota-like
For all the praising of the interior I'm suprised no one has mentioned the steering wheel. The buttons don't even look real. It looks like several buttons piled on top of eachother and almost like a photoshop.

Either way, the exterior still looks nasty to my eye. I MUCH prefer the exterior of the last generation ES330.
Hey look. They put wood and navi into a Camry.

I agree, I liked the last generation better.

But this is an improvment.

Hoop said:
Hey look. They put wood and navi into a Camry.

And jacked up the price :crazy:
though, I agree, I am not a fan of the ES330, it is a little more then wood and navi in a camry.

it comes standard with the larger 3.3L V6, and 5spd auto, different suspension, a ton more sound insulation, tighter panel fitment, and a much nicer interior overall.

I would reckon the A4 and Passat are about as similar. (they may be even more similar, because interiors are closer in quality level)

the interior is nice, the exterior is really tacky IMHO
stealthx32 said:
Yeah. Start posting the originals when you do facelifts. :p
Here's the 2002-2004 version:

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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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