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Class Or Crass? 2010 SMS Supercars 460 Mustang

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You are looking at one of about 25 2010 SMS 460 Mustangs that Steve Saleen's new company SMS Supercars is building. Why so few? Because production of the new SMS 302 that's based on the 2011 Mustang GT and its sweeeet 5.0-liter V8 has already begun. However, that car's in the future – the SMS 460 is now. Sporting a supercharged V8 good for 470 horsepower and about 460 pound-feet or torque, a fully tweaked suspension and slick-looking body kit, the 2010 SMS 460 has plenty of curb and track appeal. Plus, with less than 25 cars left to purchase (you are looking at an already sold customer car, which is why we couldn't drive it), this is sure to be a Steve Saleen collector's item.

Now, about the upcoming SMS 302; it should be a real humdinger and will be available as either a normally aspirated beast or supercharged monster(s). The "base" version should up the GT's already amazing numbers (412 horsepower, 390 pound-feet of torque) to around 450 hp/430 lb-ft. Again, that's without the aid of forced induction. Of course, there will be a supercharged SMS 302 or two prowling the streets as well. How much gumption? Figure it to be on par with the GT500, around 550 hp.

Then of course there's the only-spoken-of-in-hushed-tones SMS 351X, which is sure to be a range topper's range topper. No final word yet, but SMS is hoping for about 665 hp and about the same amount of torque. Time to buy stock in a tire company as that's over 100 ponies more than the already unbelievably potent (and tire shredding) 2011 Shelby GT500. Let's just end it by saying we can't wait to drive all three of 'em. For now, enjoy these pics.
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Mustangs have never been my cup of tea, but that one does look clean.

Of course, being built by Saleen puts it miles above anything from the factory.

Looking forward to someone doing a Saleen/Shelby shootout.
But they can't use the limp wrested Ford Shelby.

They need to use one of the ones that the Old Man built.
I wonder what customer would opt for that color option.
I like it.. but having SMS on every part of the car gets old fast.
Not bad. I lost all faith in Ford back inthe 90's and their cars just got uglier. And the mustang wasn't worth spit once the 5.0 LX died off.
But now, I love the new commercial boasting the the V6 specs. They've finally smoothe the 'stang back out again.:thumbup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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