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Technical Data:

* 4.3-litre longitudinal V8, located behind the front axle
* four valves per cylinder
* cylinder capacity of 4280 cm³
* power increase from 283kw to 297.9kw (385hp to 405hp) at 7000/min
* maximum turning moment of 410Nm at 5000/min.
* rear wheel drive with transaxle six gear gearbox
* independent suspension
* length/width/height 4382/1866/1255mm
* tank capacity 77 litres
* tires; front 255/30 ZR 21
* rear 295/25 ZR21, net weight 1570 kg
* 0-100km/h in 4.9 sec
* top speed 280 km/h
* price 147,900€ (standard price 105,000€).

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those wheels look like they'd be at home on an oversized beetle.

They suck. Case in point: look at the number of comments about just the wheels. They are a distraction rather than a harmonious piece of the car's design.

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as all the comments above
sans wheels :thumbup:

it is like they are the RS6 wheels that ate too much at thanksgiving....

what the heck is an echo of gecko anyways...
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I agree with everyone else. Actually, IMO the wheels aren't bad, just not right for the car. Other than that it's hard for an Aston Martin not to be hot.
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