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Chrome Mask

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I am looking for a chrome mask for my B5.5.
I have done a search and only found an one thread that had any information but is was incomplete. I did an internet search and found one like the one pictured from TM Tuning. Does anyone know where these can be purchased in the U.S.? Has anyone put on of these on their cars?
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I bought the one you show in pic off Ebay. It is just 3 pieces of chrome film with adhesive on back, sort of like window tint and requires the long German license plate bracket in order to use. Since I live in a state that doesn't have the front plate I didn't use it. I didn't want to mess up the look of a clean front bumper without the license plate. Live and learn I guess.
yeah, this product is only made for euro plates.
Bumper Cover

While driving on the highway, a piece of metal from a car in front of me came off and took out my lower grills, and punched a quarter size hole in my front bumper cover. Total to repair is $700. With a $500 deductable I was hoping to come up with a way to cover the damage but not look cheezy! I found lower grills for $50 but still looking for way to fix bumper cover. I might just have to suck up the $500.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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