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VW owner since 2001. I had a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg Cool White. Pretty much stock. Eibach ProKit springs, European rubstrip, 4motion valence, CAI, Rieger shifter, OEM 6 Disk indash changer, and 42DraftDesigns A pillar pod and VDO gauge. That car was totalled in August 2003. Since then I have been rolling in a 2003 Jetta GLI. Bone stock except for trunk cd changer, and a 4Motion Valence. When summer hits and my semester is over I will be putting on an H&R CupKit, Autotech 28mm adjustable rear swaybar, and a Euro rubstrip.

Why am I here?

2003 VW Passat W8. Tipronic and sport package. Black over Black. Stock. Planned mods... Monster mats, Phaeton pedals, some kinda trunk liner--- Mom's car, eventually I will make her turn to the dark side and get the Optik trim, and possibly a chip.

I grew up in the Pasadena, GB area. Lived there all my life. When home I frequent the Annapolis area. Like to hang out at Starbucks and enjoy a soothing cup of joe.

I spend a lot of free time on VWVortex and European Element. Look forward to posting on here more as I get to know the new addition to VW addiction.

The White Wolf

The Black Six

The W8- Coming Soon.
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