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Choosing a convertible (BMW 330Ci VS Porche Boxter VS Audi A

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Choosing a convertible (BMW 330Ci VS Porche Boxter VS Audi A4 Cabriolet VS ???)

between a fully loaded 330Ci and the Audi, I'm sure I'd prefer the Audi's interior, but w/o quattro, can it hold a candle to the drive of the BMW? (obviously I'd also have to wait until spring for the audi)

The porsche is barely being considered, I'd rather an S, but thats too much ($50k is pretty much a hard limit)

any other cars I should consider? Only European please, a Sebring is a non-starter.
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Re: Choosing a convertible (Qui conduit)

It really depends on what the purpose of owning a convertible is for you. The Boxster is a different kind of convertible than the other two cars you mention. Do you want a Sunday cruiser or do you want a performance roadster (i.e. a fun car...which is not to say the others can't be "fun")?

You can buy a used '97 - '98 Boxster in excellent shape (even certified if purchased at an authorized dealer) with lower miles for about $30K (or a little under depending on mileage, condition, etc...). Staying under $40K gets you an excellent (i.e. virtually new) Boxster. To me the Boxster is a no brainer. Sure, there are more powerful cars than the Boxster and, I agree, the "S" is the ideal choice, but trust me, the Boxster will make your cheeks hurt from the perma-grin you will have. Besides, I am a firm believer of the idea that the better cabrio is the car that was designed to be a cabrio from the start...not a coupe with the top cut off.
Re: Choosing a convertible (Qui conduit)

I would get a Boxter in a heartbeat.

330Ci - beautiful car inside and out, fit & finish is superb. BOTTOM LINE: excellent but too comon.

A4 Cabriolet - same as the BMW in terms of craftsmanship all around. More bang for the buck than the 330Ci. To the everyday Joe Schmo, it'll kinda still look like a A4 sedan.

Boxter -'s a Porsche. Simply put, if you saw all three lined, the Boxter is less cookie-cutter than the BMW or the Audi and drives much sportier

This of course is just my humble opinion. Good Luck
Re: Choosing a convertible (Qui conduit)

Of those 3, I'd go for the Boxster too. I'm convinced that one day I'll own one myself (hopefully it'll be a S).

What about the M roadster?
Re: Choosing a convertible (Bockster)

If you are getting a drop top, why not have that sweet song of a flat-6 singing in your ears....

Get the Porsche.....
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