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CEL LIGHT!!!:thumbdown

I had Autozone scan the code and it came back as "torque converter solenoid stuck on" or something similar. I have a dealer appointment on Thursday.

It all started 2 days ago when I started the car in the morning to leave for work. It cranked, idled REAL rough for about a minute, then cleared up and I proceeded to drive to work. By the time I hit the first stop light I noticed the CEL.

I mostly posted this for future Passat World reference. From what I've read the torque converter seems to be a common problem with the W8. I'll keep everyone posted on the diagnosis.
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Yes ...what happens is that the internal o ring inside the torque converter fails allowing the converter to stay in lock up mode longer than it is supposed to. I have done a few of them and actually they are not bad to pull a trans. However......if you are out of warranty the price of the converter is unreal.
I have an extended warranty so I'm covered. I was also told that the P codes from Autozone may not translate directly to VW codes. It sat at the dealer all day and they never touched it but, they did give me a brand spankin new PT Cruiser to drive while they looked at it. It makes me miss my Passat even more.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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