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"Certified" mean anything?

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We bought an '02 wagon with the 1.8T. Beautiful car and great for the family (plus two large dogs). 30K miles, one owner, yada, yada.

The dealer has been an absolute pain ever since we drove away. The front passenger door sticks and they have tried three times to fix it (still sticks). We received no paperwork for the so called "certification" which they said we would get a few days after we bought the car. (the car had just been traded in the day prior so they hadn't had time to do the cert yet - we brought the car back 2 days after purchase). Now it is supposedly certified, but there are several points of the certification that were not met, like the door, tire wear, prior service records. These jerks have every excuse in the book why we have not received this. What recourse do we have with VW? How has service been on other B5's? Looking for a dealer service dept. recommendation in the Chicago NW suburbs (NOT Schaumburg).

I'm sure that we bought a fine, well engineered car. But we have been treated like we bought a used Yugo.
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They may be in your area.
did they give you the paperwork stating that it was a certified car when you bought it? after a week or two, VW will send you the official paperwork.

i bought my car from Van Nuys, but a few things make me wonder: they told me an '00 B5 had 170 HP, even though i didn't ask. secondly, i asked them to do some touch up paint on the back, which they did, but the color didn't match. it honestly looked like they used white out and just dabbed it on there. thirdly, one tire was down to 7 PSI and substantial dents in the side wall. also, the tires weren't the same. fourthly, one of the brake lights was out. fifthly, the passenger's side mirror doesn't work. sixthly, the window rattles, and there is creaking from the dash.i wouldn't be too picky if this wasn't CPO. how the heck did it pass their inspection in that condition?

the benefit though is that it has the 2yr/24k warranty and has roadside assistance, so it'll save you $$$ on the AAA membership. my previous uncertified car had absolutely no issues wrong with it. i'd recommend anyone who buys a CPO to do a thorough inspection, and not just rely on the dealer.
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kentamcolin said:
I'm sure that we bought a fine, well engineered car. But we have been treated like we bought a used Yugo.
Well almost, you bought a used Skoda. ;)

Can't comment on the service issues you are having but it sounds like any other used car dealership.
"At least they knew they were lying when they sold you the car"

Hope you get it all resolved.
Have you tried the VW customer service line?
I am preparing a letter to be sent to both the dealer and VW. The problems with the car are not serious, but forging certification paperwork is. I simply don't trust them to ever service this car in the future. Considering the last car I owned (Acura Integra) saw 248K miles, that's a lot of service revenue the dealer stood to make. An example: the certification states that tire tread depth must not be less than 4/32". The fronts are fine but the rears are at 2/32. Did they check it and just hope we wouldn't notice? The dealer sais they are close enough to 4/32" that they don't require changing :???: They also completed the entire 120 point check in less than one hour!
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