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Celaning Black plastic molding and grill

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HOw do people keep there black plastic molding below the doors and on the rear and fron lower front grill that holds the fog lights looking new and shiny. I just got a 2001. although it does not look bad, it sint the new car black that it prob. had. what can i do to get it back?
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Mother's Back-to-Black.
Gotta love that B2B :thumbup:
best stuff around..

for best results apply two coats...
I've had great results with Black Again. Here's a shot of the car after a Black Again treatment. All plastic was treated (not the tires). A before shot would have shown slightly greyed plastic, but without any real damage or white stains. You can tell by comparing the lower plastic front valance to the painted mid-part that it gets the plastic pretty black. One month later it still looks great. I haven't used the Mother's, so give both a try and let us know! :D

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RechtsFahren said:
Mother's Back-to-Black.
Nothing better.
Mothers works pretty well....
But apply 2 coats
Make sure everything is clean and no soap residue for best effect.
Don't be stingey on the 2nd coat of B2B.
check over in general info forum for thread on washing /detailing your ride,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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