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Car stalls and dies in motion

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Continuing with the saga, I started the car (1.8T AWM) this morning and less than a .5 mile it started stalling. A mile later it went off and the red battery light was on. I restarted it and the problem of stalling continues.

Is this a dying battery/alternator problem or the fuel pump? Any advice as where I should start? Thanks.

P.S. No CEL and no fault code at all.
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I'm more late, but this is all pointing to the MAF sensor. It's failing on you. With your baby on, remove the MAF senor; If nothing happenings then there's your problem. Cleaning it probably damaged the tiny wire that monitors the air flow.
An inexpensive part. Should cost around 20$
I think that you mean remove the MAF sensor's connector, not the whole sensor! And smac4th is correct about the type of flow sensor, I think. My old '96 A4 did indeed have the tiny thermistors instead of thin film version.
someone wrote that when you clean K&N air filter and you spray a bit too much oil on it, that extra oil could cover the surface of the MAF sensor and causing low/high signals. After a while when the oil evaporates from the engine heat, the sensor functions again.
This situation overlaps with what I did. I cleaned the K&N filter and actually sprayed too much oil on its sides. Exactly after that I got the MAF issues.
OK, now we're getting somewhere. If you still have the original air box and intake duct, put it back on with a new, clean pleated paper filter. The intake air will be cooler/denser, cleaner, the MAF won't get contaminated, so the car will run properly and have more power. And except for the oil problem, same goes for the pod filter.
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