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can polyurethane be repaired?

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a tire broke up my projektzwo front spoiler pretty good and i was wondering if it's possible to fix polyurethane. i'm pretty good with fiberglass, but don't know if it'll stick to the polyurethane. any ideas anyone? i'd GREATLY appreciate it. TIA
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Id just have them replace the bumper for you. FG wont adhear to the poly as well. Or, if there is a polly filler/repair kit then I would suggest that. Either way, it was taken in there being busted up, so have them repair it to new. Thats why they have (supposed to atleast) insurance.
There is a SEM product that will fill holes and cracks and bonds well. It's a 2-part hot mix and dries like it's the same piece.

You can find it a professional autobody supply stores.

thanks guys, you rock i'll check into that SEM repair stuff, it's my goal for tomorrorw
well my Projektzwo was cracked in the middle. Wetworks patched it up like new. So it's definitely fixable. But it looks better molded in though, I had it repainted and molded in by MOB Works ;)

pic whore time!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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