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I am trying to hardwire my GPS into the car and I figured the easiest thing to do is use an add-a-circuit for switched power, connect to a new 12v outlet then plug in my GPS 12v adapter.

Unfortunately I bought an ATO-size add-a-circuit, not a "mini" size. These will fit in the higher-amperage fuses (15amp+) but not the "mini" 10amp fuse sockets. I opened the package, so I can't exchange it at the store. The add-a-circuit is rated at 10amp maximum. So here's my question:

Is it going to work if I plug the add-a-circuit into an empty fuse position (i.e. the one I've circled in green here) This is not my car btw, but I think that spot is open.

The add-a-circuit has two fuse spots, "fuse a" for the original circuit and "fuse b" for the added circuit. My plan is to put a 10amp fuse into "fuse b" leaving "fuse a" empty.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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