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Can I put these (cross-tower brace & anti-roll bars) on

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Probably not ... the Strut tower brace only fits early model B5's. You are better off looking into the A6 tower brace, it requires some modification but it will fit. When I say fit, I mean clearance of some key parts.
No Audi bar will fit ours. Spoke with LLtek and they told me.

For Upper strut go for 4point from Racetek, SPP is selling them.
give a call to Eric Nareshni

For Anti-sway, front one go to and check their 32mm front hollow (for FWD and AWD is same Part#) bar.

For rear sway bar go to local VW and check their rear sway "sport 1BE" 17mm thick (against 15mm stock) Part # is 3B7 511 409 .You need either to order from VW separately bushings (rubber one) for this bar or buy aftermarket bushings from PolyUrethane (I did PUr bushings,just choose same size and inner diameter 17mm)

All this I put on my 4Mo V6
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how do u take out the battery and does it make a diff?
Here ya go...$139

I have one... It stiffened up the front end nicely... and it doesn't get in the way of getting to any of the other engine components. If you don't push your car you probably won't feel the difference IMO. You might be better off getting a C-bar or DTS bar.
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I'm running the Chas bar and A6 bar combo. It really stiffens up the front end and you feel the difference at highway speeds and on cornering.

You can always try that...I got my A6 bar from Drewparts with the CLubb5 discount. Was really cheap shipped, can't remember the extact price but it wasn't more than $85 I think, the Chas bar I got new off the classifieds for around $40 shipped.
strut brace

Of course it is always a bonus to stiffen up the structure the suspension bolts to. For the A4, for example, there is not a wide selection of bars either. This is due to the double firewall in the Passat and A4, which makes that structure much stiffer. Might want to look at other parts of the suspension for improvement first?
the pure motorsports people told me that would sell it to me and take it back if it didn't fit the W8, wouldn't hurt to ask them
jeffsu350 said:
the pure motorsports people told me that would sell it to me and take it back if it didn't fit the W8, wouldn't hurt to ask them
This is true. My friend bought one for his A4 and it didn't fit. He called up Pure Motorsports and they said send it back no questions asked. I was going to get one eventually but since it didn't fit his car we tried it in mine and it fit like a glove. His loss my gain!! :lol:
d_nak86 said:
how hard was that to install? the a6 bar
The A6 bar just took a little trimming and some stubby sockets to get the brackets on tight. Drilling a hole and just fitting it was the hardest part but in all took 20-30 minutes.
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