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Can anyone tell me where this wire goes.

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Can anyone tell me where this wire goes. This is a picture of the coil pack wires of a 2001 Passat with 1.8L Turbo. I have been working on a crank but no start condition and I noticed that this wire is unattached. It is brown and on the wires going to the 1st coil pack I believe on the number one cylinder. I don't have a schematic yet so I can't look it up. Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Hood
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I thought is was a ground but when I went to connect it to the valve cover I got sparks so I was a little unsure about it since I don't have a schematic.
I just want to be sure I went out and took a couple more pictures at different angles. I circled the ground connections already in place in green and the one in question in red Auto part Engine Vehicle Fuel line Automotive engine part
Auto part Engine Vehicle Automotive engine part Car
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The brown wire is only on the coil pack cable for the 1st plug it is not on any other of the coil pack harnesses. I unplug the cable from the harness on both ends and ohm it out. I don't know what pin it was either 1 or 4 but it had about 40 meg ohm of resistance between the wire which is brown and the pin. the wire is single and not in with the other wires. I have been looking at u tube videos trying to see if any other 1.8t have a similar wire. It is definitely part of the cable assembly and it looks like it is original equipment.
I figured it out the wire is connected to the red wire in the harness I cut the casing and looked mystery solved for that but now I still have to figure out why it will crank but not start
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