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Camshaft and Crankshaft Oil Seals

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Hey guys,

I’m slowly getting my B5.5 1.8T back to life. I replaced the camshaft seals a few weeks ago and I’m currently working on replacing the crankshaft seal. The car hasn’t been turned on yet.

Now, two things:

1 - I’m suffering to take the 17-year old crank seal off of the engine. So tips are more than welcomed haha I saw a DIY post here but the pictures are long gone so it’s hard to follow.

2 - I installed the camshaft seals using grease, because they just wouldn’t go in without it. Today I just read that they’re PTFE and I was not supposed to use anything on them. My question now is: will they work just fine or should I buy new ones and reinstall it without grease?

Thanks guys!
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Hi AndreasPassat and Tomvw, do you know the maker and part number for the original type seals? Every one I look up seems to be the "improved PTFE" type.

For the AWM engine, from what I can tell, the cam seal is 32x47x10mm.
Reinz 813436700 is a PTFE seal. I can't find a non-PTFE from Reinz.
Elring 129780 is normally what comes up on a lot of sites (FCPEuro, Blauparts, etc.) for this engine, and it is PTFE. Elring lists it as VW OEM part 03810385A and C.
From Eliring's catalog, though, Elring 325155 is the same size and is fluoride rubber (also allows either twist direction). It is listed as VW OEM part 068103085A and E. Would you recommend this? Or something else?

For the crank, 35x48x10mm:
I think all of these are PTFE:
Reinz 813436600
Continental CS9041
Corteco 20026912B
Elring 15560
Again, from Elring's catalog, 475961 and 294357 are Fluoride rubber, not PTFE, and same size. The second one seems to be out of stock everywhere, but the first is available. But they're recommended for older VW models. Would you use this? Or something else?

Or should I just deal with the PTFE thing? Sounds scary from your descriptions.
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