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Camshaft and Crankshaft Oil Seals

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Hey guys,

I’m slowly getting my B5.5 1.8T back to life. I replaced the camshaft seals a few weeks ago and I’m currently working on replacing the crankshaft seal. The car hasn’t been turned on yet.

Now, two things:

1 - I’m suffering to take the 17-year old crank seal off of the engine. So tips are more than welcomed haha I saw a DIY post here but the pictures are long gone so it’s hard to follow.

2 - I installed the camshaft seals using grease, because they just wouldn’t go in without it. Today I just read that they’re PTFE and I was not supposed to use anything on them. My question now is: will they work just fine or should I buy new ones and reinstall it without grease?

Thanks guys!
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If the crankshaft seal is not leaking, I strongly recommend that you don't touch it.
If you do remove it, make sure to use a new bolt, that bolt must NOT be re-used.
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I suggest you replace those "damaged?" seals with original type seals.
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