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Well that's probably a bit adventurous for a title, but I'm planning to make our MY12 PASSAT Alltrack a bit more off-road friendly for camping trips and the like.

Inspired by the original Camp Allroad Instagram account (I was going to buy an Allroad before deciding the Alltrack was more wallet friendly) I wanted to give the Alltrack a bit of a tougher look, without really going as far as a lift kit.

The plan was to fit some off road tyres like BF Goodrich AT. However given my Alltrack has the sport pack and runs a 18x7.5 wheel there's not a lot of choice that actually has any decent sidewall and off-road tread.

Here's a golf alltrack with he look I was going for

So I went trawling the last few months for a set of 16" steel wheels with 5x112 pattern to no avail. In the end I placed a bid not expecting to win on a set of CSA Essen wheels on eBay with the right BCD.

A few inspiration shots

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