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So if the subframe needed to be shifted to correct camber and since the subframe needs to be loosened to accomplish this, wouldn't you then need to replace the subframe bolts due to them being stretch bolts?

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That's the factory recommendation, however lots are re-used, though maybe it isn't wise. I've reused mine, with Loctite, and don't worry about them.
When reusing stretch bolts, do not use the factory 2 or 3 step tensioning recommendation.

Just tension as you would a standard bolt of that size.
both of these are good answers. iirc, it's like 90 ft lbs, plus 1/2 turn...consult your Bentley for the correct torque setting.

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If you use factory recommendation when reusing stretch bolts, they will be over tensioned and likely to break.

Example: I reused my bolt to hold the timing belt pulley to the crankshaft.
I checked with a few bolt manufacturers and with the info obtained and an educated guess as to the bolt strength, I decided 300 Ft/Lb. would do.
The recommended tensioning is 148 Ft/Lb. plus a further 180 Deg. (A half turn)
I tensioned it to 148 Ft/Lb. and then by turning it a further 20-25 Deg. it reached 300 Ft/Lb. I am pretty sure it would have broken before it got near 180 Deg.

So, as stated earlier: Just tension as you would a standard bolt of that size.
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