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i got a letter in the mail this week about a class action lawsuit for coil pack incidents for California VW and audi owners.

Legalese makes my head hurt, so I’m not gonna type up the whole thing, but the gist of the letter seems to be that Wendy Sheanin, of Alameda county has sued (and apparently won) her claim, and VW will now pay VW/Audi owners who experienced a coil pack failure up to $150 for expenses incurred. this may include alternative transportation, lodging, meals and towing. the letter includes a form to fill out and asks you to support your claim by submitting copies of receipts for those expenses.

1) thanks Wendy! you're probably not here, but you rock! way to stick it to the man! :D

2)I didn't have a failure, so won't be filing a claim. :)

3) anybody else get this? kind of exciting, huh?

4) form must be submitted by may 21,2004

5) Ca bashers, eat your heart out! :p

if you ask nicely I might take a pic of the doc and post it.

claims need to be submitted to:
Ignition coil Claims
PO Box 1670
Englwood Cliffs, NJ 07632-0670

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