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Bypass Valve/Over-run cutoff Valve = Diverter Valve?

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I was on and wanted to order a set of the Bosch Spark Plugs ($5.50 each) and a new TT Diverter Valve for my 1.8T. They show a "Turbocharger Bypass Valve / Over-run cutoff Valve" ($29.00). I assume that is the diverter valve? Just wanted to double check before ordering...

Also are those about the best prices I will find on those parts?
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dealer calls the dv the cutoff valve, and the bentley calls it the recirculating valve. are you lookinf for a stock replacement? or something better?
Yeah, it seems like everyone has their own name for this part, but a blow-off valve is always a blow-off valve. Weird. :)

I heard that the TT valve is better than stock. My '99 has 83K miles on it and is not accelerating as strong as it used to, so I'm doing little things like new plugs, dv, etc to see if that helps at all. I figured that the TT would be a good choice for the price.
Forge Dv is the best I have used. Expensive but well worth it.
I just put in a Forge 007 Race DV because I am awaiting my chip, so I don't know how well it works, but for stock replacement, the TT and all stock turboed Porsches use the same DV (recirculating/ cut-off valve) which will work just fine for stock applications and go fro about 25-35 bucks depending upon where you live.
I've heard the Forge is great, but my B5 is not chipped yet. I figure the TT will be a nice improvement over my 83K mile, worn out, factory one. :)
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