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HELP! I have some damage to my bumper cover and related areas (see pictures - all 56k friendly).

Although the damages are fairly minor, it still hurts to look at them :(

closer looks
Damage A
Damage B
Damage C
Damage D
Damage E

Can anyone help tell me:

1. will I need to replace the ENTIRE bumper cover? is it all ONE piece?
2. if yes to 1, how much does a new replacement cost?
3. will a replacement for Damage D be necessary? possible water leaks into engine/headlight compartments?
4. anyone have the part numbers for these parts? (bumper cover, lower piece, under-hood part)
5. know any shops online that carry these parts?
6. approximately how much will it cost if repaired at body shop?

I'll be heading off to a couple of body shops tomorrow for repair quotes.

Thanks everyone in advance for any helpful info & friendly advice!

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How did this happen. Looking at damage D makes me think something got hit, and if so there is likely much more damage than meets the eye. sorry :(

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It will cost $500 to have it fixed/ or replaced.

However, the damage is not that bad... You can probably re attach the bumper back to the car. There are directions on how to remove the bumper to install a headlight on the forum.... takes about 45 min tops.... very simple too, just follow directions.

The black plastic damage around the fog light would cost $13 to replace the entire part.

As for the damage. My rear bumper got scratched up pretty bad in a parking lot. I couldn't stand looking at it so I bought some VW spray paint, sanded down the damage with a orbital sander and spray painted it. I did a terrible job, but its so much less noticeable then having a scratch like yours.

2 months later, I got hit again.... So glad I never paid $500 to have it fixed...

So if you are willing to take some time, you could at least clean up your bumper to a respectable level for under $50.

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Put a euro plate on the front. It will cover the blemish.

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Thanks for the replies.

I just got back from three body shops, all gave me roughly the same quotes --- seems they work off a same quote system.

Here are the details:

Item -- Price -- Labor hours -- Paint hours
1. overhaul front bumper -- n/a -- 1.8 -- n/a
2. bumper cover -- 450.48 -- included -- 3.4 (includes clearcoat)
3. lower left molding -- 41.62 -- included -- 0.4
4. radiator support -- 217.40 -- 6.2 -- n/a (this requires 6.2 hours :???: )
5. license bracket -- 40.58 -- 0.3 -- n/a
6. paint/finish -- n/a -- 1.0 -- n/a
7. mask for overspray -- 10.00 -- 1.0 -- n/a
8. flexible additive -- 8.00 -- n/a -- n/a
9. aim headlamps -- n/a -- 0.5 -- n/a
10. evacute & recharge, refrigerant recovery -- n/a -- 1.8 -- n/a
* there are a few other misc. small stuff

Parts: $750 - $850
Labor: $440 - $800 (approx. 11 - 16 hours @ $40 - $50 per hour)
Paint: $160 - $250 (approx. 4 - 5 hours @ $40 - $50 per hour)
TOTAL: $1,350 - $1,900 (my reaction when seeing this :puke: :shock: )
Does it not seem crazy high :crazy:
Perhaps cuz i'm a girl so they're all gonna take me for a ride :mad:

Alright guys, for this amount should I just forget about fixing and instead buy a front kit or buy a bra and cover it up?

Thanks in advance for all replies!
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