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Bummer Timing Belt Breaks @ 90K

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Last month my oil pump and turbo failed. This month the timing belt. Good thing VW has a 100K warenty or I'd be out 5 grand. :nervous:
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The recommended change interval of 105K is conveniently out-of-warranty.

If at 40K or 80K or any time <100K they advise you to change the belt, you have to pay for the belt change out-of-pocket. At a dealer this runs anywhere from $450-$1100, $700 is typical, whereas $450 is typical at an independent, and $150-$300 is typical on cars that don't require nose disassembly to perform the change.

If after receiving a recommendation to change the belt/tensioner you don't, and it snaps, I'm pretty sure you're not covered.

If they say you're a-OK at 40K, 80K, and never say otherwise, and the belt snaps, then they pay for the damage up to 100K.

If you can show (with receipts) 40K and 80K service with a belt inspection (must be noted on the receipt) was performed by an ASE certified mechanic (not a dealer) and it was serviced properly at the other times, they cannot legally deny warranty coverage. Of course, in the real world they can do whatever they want. And if you don't have the proper receipts, it makes it easier for them to try to squirm out of it.

Since many of us have owner's manuals that don't even mention the car has a belt and seem to imply it doesn't, it seems to me they're on very thin ice from a legal standpoint.
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