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Bummer Timing Belt Breaks @ 90K

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Last month my oil pump and turbo failed. This month the timing belt. Good thing VW has a 100K warenty or I'd be out 5 grand. :nervous:
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RechtsFahren said:
If at 40K or 80K or any time <100K they advise you to change the belt, you have to pay for the belt change out-of-pocket. At a dealer this runs anywhere from $450-$1100, $700 is typical, whereas $450 is typical at an independent, and $150-$300 is typical on cars that don't require nose disassembly to perform the change.
I had the dealer check mine at 60,000 a couple months ago. Tensioner showed signs of wear. They recommended I do nothing. If it fails VW will take care of it then.
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