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Building a Trailer

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I have access to the rear 'axle' off a Jetta, and I am wondering if I could use it to make a trailer. And if so, any ideas on lighter springs since i won't be carrying around 1,000+ lbs? Thanks.
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I bet you could figure something out on using it.

I would probably get a set of cheap air shocks and use those as springs.
Yo! I like the air idea - maybe air adjustable springs!
not sure what you want the trailer for? i suggest you save yourself ALOT of $$$ and time and just buy a trailer.

unless you are just bored.....then knock yourself out!

good luck.
i did a search of vw trailers; also here is the bmw trailer, maybe you could get some ideas from it. For springs I'd do the leaf spring setup like most trailers.

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Those last two are sweet! The trailer is for light hauling. Our 5 bikes, brush, supplies for house projects. Maybe someday it would get used for an ATV, but I don't know if that's too much weight for a trailer that would work well for the light stuff I know I will be doing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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