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Building a custom hitch for a B5.5 Wagon

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This is something I've been thinking hard about this year since my roof rack needs to be replaced. This project started since I need to haul 4-bikes on occasion. The commericially available hitches don't suggest running more than a 2/3-bike rack due to the torque induced on the spare tire well. I found some custom hitches for Audi All-roads on some Audi forums and the VW Euro hitches from Bosal and Westfalia. These 3 were very expensive in my mind and didn't offer either the fit or function I needed.

I currently have measurements and attachment points identified. A professional welding friend put 3 pieces of welded 2x2 steel together to form the basic U-shape frame which allowed me to check fitment. The design removes the rear bumper and shock struts to use the same 4 mounting holes plus the 2 extra not used. These holes already exist and can be accessed in the rear compartment of the wagon; just under the carpet.

More later.....
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I am very interested in seeing the finished product once it's complete.
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