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Well as a few already know I am building an autocross car out of my passat, the main person helping me is my crew chief, teacher, suspension man, all around good guy, and a man who spends my money like its going out of style Bill aka scirocco78. With his help im going to build an autocrosser much meaner, nastier, and hopefully faster than his "stock" looking racer.

this will be updated over the coarse of the build.

The goal a 300 whp street legal autocross car, that looks dead stock from the outside sort of a sleeper if you say.

the parts i have right now

APR 2 program chip 93 oct and stock
Dahlback racing DV
test pipe - needs to be installed
milltek exhaust
oil cooler - needs to be installed
shine racing real street suspension
shine rear bar - needs to be installed
B&M short shifter
MK4 GTI recaro front seats - need to be modified and installed
Konig 17 fairly light rims with nitto tires
custom lower tie bar with intergrated tranny mount - needs to be installed
lightweight flywheel and stage 2 clutch
A8 brake upgrade with ceramic pads and hawk race pads
A6 strut bar
Quaife LSD - needs to be installed

the future parts

front mount for this season
racing harness to keep my butt in the seat
GT28RS and required parts tuned to get hopefully around 300 at the wheels - for next season

Now the tricky part this is going to be a 2 goal car i want a car that i can drive fast around a track but something that i can go crusing at when i go to waterfest, H20 International, and other shows thats why i have some KW V2 coil overs and another set of rims so that when i go on road trips i can pop the coils in spin them down to 3 inches off the deck and go to the shows, i also have a full system that will get quick disconnects so that on race day its an easy pull of the extra weight.

Pics will come later right now i dont have any with the shine suspension all i have is older pics of it on the coils.
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