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Brakes freeze

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My wife's 09 Kia Sedona has a brake issue. On mornings when it's cold, less than 10 degrees, the brake pedal is really hard to push and the van doesn't want to stop at all down the driveway. You have to give it a couple of hard pushes to loosen it up. After that the pedal feels normal and it stops like it should.
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Just taking a wild stab, maybe a vaccuum check valve sticking for the brake booster? May be the booster going bad too I suspect.
Or too much water in the brake fluid? Has it been bled/flushed recently or not at all?
We purchased the van in November so I'm guessing not, even though the dealer put on new pads and rotors. I'm taking it in next week. I pulled the brake booster hose off the upper intake manifold and tried to blow/suck air in it and the check valve is working. It's warmed up here as well so the problem isn't reoccurring now.
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