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BPY swap help

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I have an 06 Passat with a BPY that is bad, the usual fuel pump failure, I bought it this way. I have searched here but cant find any confirmation that an 08 engine will work. I called the dealer and he said NO. Can anyone confirm this for me? And why not? Thanks in advance for any help!
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The sole reason the dealership told you "No" is they don't want any liability for the work you're about to attempt (not to mention they'd do it in a heartbeat if your pockets were deep enough)...Or the yoyo at the dealership was misinformed and thought all 08 Passats with a 4-cylinder engine had timing chains (all BPY code engines use a timing belt).

Problem with getting another used BPY is all the $*!t you gotta sort through before having any confidence in the engine. Intake cam, follower, HPFP, fuel pressure sender (designed to cause the main fuel pump to run continuously if it fails... main pump failure + fuel pressure sender failure = dealership "double wallet-emptying" score [mechanical scrabble;)]), etc. Far too many "band aids" in the design of this power plant (engineering wise). VW released an engine that really didn't have sufficient beta testing. (80K doesn't quite cut it guys...) :crazy:

Yes, any BPY will work if the original engine was a BPY code as you state.
Thank you. I am very familiar with the problems on these. I had the typical HPFP cam follower failure and rebuilt the top half only to find low end noise when I was done. I have looked at 2 engines and junk yards and both had cam follower failure and the junkyard didn't even know about it. The dealer told me that the 08's have a roller type cam and the engine it "set up" differently and wont run correctly with 06 ECM? 08's are much more plentiful, and less expensive, around here. I don't mind changing sensors, or the intake, or whatever it takes. All the parts on my engine are fine and can be swapped. I was just hoping someone here has done it and could give and advise as what is different. Thanks again
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