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[ BPY Engine Rebuild ] w/ Chip Tuning - How would you do it?

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So if you had your entire car taken apart all the way to fix piston rings and come out with a noticeable gain in HP from this mess. (Maybe a Stage 2+ APR Tune)

Your vehicle and info is:
2006 Passat B6 2.0T FSI / TFSI 16V DOHC
118,000 miles
No damage done to block or head or camshafts

Your Disassembly was very thorough, as follows:
-Rods removed
-valvetrain out, even the guides
-exhaust removed are standing between the engine mount and the transmission mount

BUT You already have improvements ready to be installed, as follows:
-Upgraded HPFP
-PCV Delete w/ catch can
-Upgraded DV
-Blow-off Valve
-Crank and Block just went to the machine shop.

You havent decided on what pistons to order, or if you should be putting a cylinder head on from another model, some but you need your engine rebuild fininshed, not desperately but all your free time is trying to get the car back on the roadto rebuild your engine and have the fovalve springs and guides removed, pistons and rods removed, exhaust removed and your 06F block bored to fit oversized 83mm pistons

Whatcha gonna do?

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Lighting Circle Metal Auto part Wheel

Cylinders still have coating but are being bored + 0.5mm for oversized 83mm pistons.
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This is kind of a sad desperate cry for help, obviously.

I might do the IE Rods w/ 20mm wrist pin and JE Pistons. That would give me a compression of 9:1. I am trying to get closer to 10 so I can keep more low and mid range RPM power.

Also since I have the valve springs off, I have been thinking about putting the Ferrea Springs on. I saw a thread were there lifting spacer or washer was a fail and haven't got back to that yet. Trying not to spend too much there but seems like I dont have much options.

Thank you if anyone is reading this, I do appreciate any input I can get.

I love my vdub and want to get it back lol.
Man no luck with passatworld I guess. Maybe ill start a, where help is encouraged....48 views, no opinions... I guess I am not worthy with my now 7 Posts. It even took forever to sign up and make the dang post. Welcome to the VW world eh?

good thing I made those 2 mandatory post before I could have thread privelages. first off, thats the stupidest guideline I have ever heard, but fitting for "passatworld" since no one has the expertise to answer some simple rebuild questions. Some people just get so nervous about that "magic" coating on the cylinders. I guess I will go with my gut, I will definately upload all my pictures and give a detailed write-up to help others in their rebuild ventures. ...What is that? You ask what "help" is? ... oh you wouldnt understand just dont worry about it
Hey my rep is going up!!

I am going with IE Drop in Rods with 20mm Wrist Pins and JE ++0.5mm Oversize Pistons (only 9:1 c/r :cry: ). Meanwhile, I am Porting the head a bit, while machine shop queues me up for the oversize bore (83mm).

Pictures Later tonight,

ADMIN you wanna change title of thread to just Rebuild "something something blah" Write-up .?
The B6 forum is not real busy with enthusiasts (as you have noticed). Rods are a good start, pistons are optional if the original bore was still good (as it looks to be). With the lower CR, you can run a bit more boost without issue (if you have a larger turbo).

I have also notice the minimal activity in the B6 forum. I am trying to learn the intricacies of my Passat, especially with the lovely BPY engine code. Not nearly as simple as playing under the hood of a Japanese toy!
My question is, in your rebuild, did you move the tranny cooler to open up the area in front of the battery to the plethora of intakes available or leave it in its stock hot location?
I’m just following this, because I’m just learning about engines. I have a B6 Passat.

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