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Boost problem, engine running badly!

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I have a 2000 1.8T Passat and have recently developed a problem with the engine. Under acceleration the engine will dramatically loose power (stutter) and will also not boost, especially under stress (low revs, high gear). It will boost sometimes but nearly always has this very uneven acceleration and bad vibration. If I boot it I can overcome some of this roughness but still not get boost.

I took it to VW for diagnosis who said they realised there was a problem but couldn't get any fault codes off it because it has a K&N induction kit installed! Is this true? Has anyone else found this problem?

I'm left with the dilemna of having to install my original airbox just to get it diagnosed! Which may not even help much, but I have no idea what is causing this.

I have replaced my spark plugs, cleaned out the DV (which had oil in it but I am told this is the norm), put fuel cleaner through the system, replaced a vacuum hose which had a tear in the thread covering it - which strangely seamed to improve it a bit only for it to go back to the way it was. I reset the ECU today, which has had no effect.

I have read losts of threads about this sort of problem but they all seam to be slightly different from mine.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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See if everything is hooked up and tight with the induction kit.

I was having problems with a lean condition and a screwy idle for a little while before i realized that my air hose to the turbo from the airbox was off, so the MAF wasn't registering almost any of the air the system was receiving.
Sounds exactly like mine when a coil pack went bad. Mine had a Check Engine Light though and showed a misfire in cylinder 3.
Thanks for your replies

I have today tightened up every clip and screw in the engine bay, but no change.

I have never had a check engine light come on. What is a coil pack? Is it easy to check?

Do you think VW are messing me about or is it really impossible to get fault codes with a K&N air filter fitted?
I had the same symptoms,,, Mass air flow sensor..
I have a k&n filter.. the dealer told me they couldn't get any codes.. they didn't say it was the filter though.. I bought a vag tool from OBDtool. and I pulled
the code mass air flow input high..
I have finally got my car fixed, turned out to be two problems. MAF sensor and Lamda probe, cost about £400 but I'm just happy to have my baby back! :D

Thanks for all your help guys! :b5:
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