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Hoping the German solidarity dissipates any frowning eyes that I am posting a question about a BMW! Who knows this problem may apply to our Passats!

A friend brought (towed) his 99’ 528i, (E39) manual transmission, SW the other day because the car overheated on highway.

It is a 6cyl, straight inline. The engine still runs and car is drivable.

The return coolant hose came loose off of its clip on the radiator and touched the AC compressor, causing the coolant leak out.

I fixed the hose. Then, poured coolant in the tank and it came right out of the bell housing. Basically, the car is not holding coolant.
(However, I think the engine held some coolant when it was hot. Because, when I came home after it was parked about 3-4 hours I saw a huge lake of coolant underneath.)

I did a compression check. Cyl6, the closest to the back of the car, has zero compression while the rest have around 180-170psi.

No coolant in oil and Vice varsa.

I am not willing to dive into the engine to do a gasket replacement (and machine it if warped) as I don’t have a space to park that big boy.

Question: Would those gasket sealers work or it’s futile because it’s not holding coolant?.
What would you do in this situation?


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