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The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe was an unbridled success. Even with a price tag of nearly $50,000, every one of the 740 cars available in the U.S. were snapped up quickly.

Part of the reason behind its success was the fact that many felt it was more of a true BMW M3 than the actual 2011 M3. Smaller, lighter and powered by an inline-six, the 1 Series M Coupe offered raw performance that had been recently lacking.

For 2014, BMW hopes to once again catch lightning in a bottle with the M235i. As a refresher, BMW has been playing a game of odds and evens lately that names all Bimmer sedans with odd numbers. Meanwhile coupes and convertibles now receive even number nomenclature. So just like the 3 Series coupe morphed into the 4 Series, the 1 Series coupe’s replacement is now labeled the 2 Series.
Introducing the 2 Series

The new 2 Series is instantly recognizable as a BMW thanks to a familiar design cues like the twin kidney grill and four halo headlights. This new coupe is nearly three inches longer than the 1 Series and is slightly wider overall with a wider front and rear track. To emphasize this is indeed a proper rear-wheel drive performance coupe, the car’s widest point is at the rear fenders.
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