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Bought a 2007 Wolfsburg 2.0T with 110k miles for my daughters first car. Found a great deal and got it 4 months before she turned 16. Took it out and ran it once a week and my daughter would sit in in (running) and listen to music. Everything worked great.

Took it to a dealership to have the recalls performed on it (seat belt and air bag, I think) and they did their "multi-point inspection" on it and said that everything looked great except the battery which was on it's way out. I kinda figured that since it was the original battery.

About 3 weeks later we got a BRUTAL cold snap and a really bad storm. The VW got stuck and had to be pulled out, then the battery was "low" and had to be jumped several times to get it started. Then, the battery got so bad that even a jump wouldn't start it. I replaced the battery, and now the heater fan will not turn on in any position, and the cigarette lighter outlet doesn't have any power. I have checked every fuse in all 3 panels and all of the fuses are fine.

I have searched the posts and have tried several suggestions, but nothing fixes the issue.

What am I missing? I need to get this darn thing going!!

Please help!
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