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I am interested in installing a blow off valve for my 1.8T Passat. I am wondering where it is a good place to get one.
Here is another question...
I keep reading about boost for turbo. What is that? It is the turbo pressure? If it is what is 1 boost = ? psi? The reason I ask is, I would like to make one...
Any suggestion would help.

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For the blow off valves . look for HKS or GFB ... blow off valves

Boost is the pressure generated by the turbochager . its not a unit , just a term.
If you have a turbocharged car . you are making boost pressure already.

Psi is a pressure unit it means "pounds per square inch"
what do you mean by " I would like to make one"?

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djskribble705 said:
can u install blow off valves on a V6 Passat?????????

If so what are some websites???

What is the HP gain? :crazy:
Blow off valves are meant for cars with turbos. A blow off valve or shift valve is a device that allows boost pressure to be relieved from the intercooler hoses when shifting and the throttle blade is closed. This has two benefits:

1. Turbo stays spooled up, there is no compressor slow down due to "stacking".
2. Turbo lives longer due to boost not "stacking" up on the compressor blade.

Stacking is when the pressure in the intercooler hose's is greater than the turbo output- that's the noise you hear when you shift with an open element air cleaner, and it's very bad for the turbocharger.

There is no HP gain
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