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Blauparts has established a direct partnership with Schaeffler Group Automotive, one of Germany's and Europe's largest industrial automotive companies who have been manufacturing timing belt components under the official Original Equipment (O.E.) INA brand for decades. Partnership with an O.E. manufacturer means Blauparts can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

The timing belt, timing belt tensioner, tensioner idlers, and hardware contained in this BASE kit are the same as those directly supplied to VAG (without the logos).

Gen II BLAU® Official O.E.™ VW Passat Timing Belt Kit For 2.8L 30 Valve Engine

BLAU® INA Pre-assembled BASE Kit Includes:
- 1 INA Gates Timing Belt
- 1 NTN Timing Belt Tensioner w/ Genuine Hardware
- 1 NTN Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioning Damper w/ Genuine Hardware
- 1 INA Timing Belt Tensioner Idler w/ Genuine Hardware
- 1 INA Timing Belt Tensioner Lever w/ Genuine Hardware
- 1 INA Timing Belt Service Interval Sticker

Offer valid only on the following part numbers: GH21617-1-A, GH21617-1-B, GH21617-1-C, GH21617-1-D, GH21617-1-E,GH21617-1-F, GH21112-A, GH21112-B, GH21112-C, GH21112-1A, GH21112-1B, GH21112-1C, GH21113-A, GH21113-B, GH21113-C, GH21113-1A, GH21113-1B, GH21113-1C

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