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Blauparts is pleased to announce our partnership with Mahle, an Official O.E. filter manufacturer that has been supplying filters directly to VAG and other German automakers for decades. Partnership with an O.E. manufacturer means we can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

Since the late 1920's, Mahle has set the standard as Germany’s first automotive filter manufacturer. Mahle's continuous engineering and innovation is driven by performance. Mahle filters use the latest generation filter designs and state-of-the-art materials. Every Mahle oil, air, cabin, and fuel filter is built for each exact model application and intended change interval. This guarantees long lasting engine, air, and fuel system health, as well as the peak performance for your Audi.

- SHOP VW Oil Filters
An oil filter is the key to your engine's performance, cleanliness, and longevity. The oil filter cleans the engine oil of dirt, dust, soot, metal particles, and contaminants allowing for clean engine oil circulation. Check your owners manual for oil change interval.

- SHOP VW Air Filters
Extend your VW engine life and reduce maintenance costs with regular engine air filter changes. The engine air filter is responsible for the removal of dirt, particles, dust, and soot before entering the engines air intake system. This prevents accelerated internal engine wear or damage and sensitive electronic component damage.

Owners should consider replacing their VW air filter once a year or every 30,000 - 40,000 miles, which ever occurs first. Vehicles that drive consistently down dirt or gravel roads should have the engine air filter replaced more frequently, such as 30,000 miles. Those spending more time on clean roads can change there engine air filter less frequently, such as 40,000 miles.

- SHOP VW Fuel Filters
In most cases the fuel filter is often overlooked scheduled maintenance items on a vehicle. Your VW fuel filter is responsible for the removal of dirt, dust, soot, particles, contaminants, water and other substances that can negatively affect the efficiency of your engines fuel injection systems. A bad or plugged fuel filter can result in poor fuel economy and a lack of engine performance. Regular fuel filter changes can result in the protection of your fuel injection system, trouble-free engine operation, and help avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly engine repairs.

We recommend replacing your VW fuel filter every 40,000 - 50,000 miles. The factory doesn’t specify a specific interval for changing the fuel filter. However, a good rule is to change your fuel filter around the same time as an engine tune up.

- VW Cabin Filters
Cabin filter replacement is definitely an overlooked maintenance item on most of the vehicles we've serviced. The pollen filter is designed to specifically remove pollen, allergens, and road dust from the air before entering your vehicles interior cabin. The carbon activated filter allows for the same filtration as the pollen filter but also filters odors, gases and harmful air pollutants. These cabin filters allow for fresh filtered air to be delivered to the driver and passengers of the vehicle for health, safety, and driving comfort.

Owners should consider replacing their VW cabin filter once a year or every 20,000 miles, which ever occurs first.

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