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Bilstein too stiff?

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My struts / shocks are shot (65kmiles). I'm getting ready to install Bilstein Sport (they no longer make both HD and Sport apparantly, only 'sport'. Stock springs. Will these shocks be too stiff? Don't want the car to fall apart more than it has. Didn't want to lower, wife likes height as is. Thanks,

John F
2001 Passat 1.8t
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i *think* the Sport Shocks are Made specifically for Sport Springs.....

as for stiffness... they are a bit on the stiff side... the Koni Adjustables seem to be softer on the soft setting..
neupseed sport shocks will be stiffer than stock for sure. maybe get koni yellows (adjustables) and run it at the softest or near the softest setting.
They are much stiffer than stock. You should just go ahead and buy springs too :thumbup:
The Bilstein sport shocks are valved to work with a sport spring but will do just fine with the stock springs as well. You will see an increase in the sportiness of your ride and a resultant decrease in ride comfort but it should not be dramatic.

Your ride height will remain largely unchanged unless you get Neuspeed Bilsteins that CAN be height adjusted if you choose ($425 shipped to you in the GB forum). Ride comfort is very subjective. Have you ridden in a 3-Series or a M3? If you like the sporty ride feel from one of those, you will love the feeling of Bilsteins.

Otherwise get Koni's and you will get a more compliant ride. ($435 shipped in the GB forum)

Good luck and enjoy the ride. :)
I have nothing but positive things to say for the Bilstein sports. I have them with the Nuespeed Sport Springs and love the ride. It is subjective I know but even with 18's I have never thought my ride was "harsh". I swapped my OEM shocks and springs at 110K miles and they were really due.
I too have the bilstein sports with neuspeed sport springs and love the ride. Its a bit jarring over sharp bumps and expansion joints, but definately livable. The ride on smooth roads and over regular bumps is almost perfect, nice and firm, but not too firm. I highly recommend them. :thumbup:
I'd recommend going with Koni's over Bilstein sports especially with a stock length spring.

You get a longer suspension travel, due to the full length body. You'll get adjustable damping and a much more comfortable ride. The adjustable damping will work great with the stock spring, where I think the Bilsteins will be too stiff, and too harsh.
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