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big turbo exhaust fabrication

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So I need to fab a downpipe and full exhaust for my bt 99 wagon, and was just wondering to anyone who has fabbed ther own turbo back exhaust what they bought as far as bends and pipe went.
thanks in advance
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bump no one has ever fabbed there own downpipe and exhaust?
I may be in the same situation. I've got a GT28 on the way and I'd like to see about using my current cat with the 3 bolt KKK flange. As far as I know there was a 5 bolt to 3 bole flange adapter out there that may make my life substantially easier. I'm just trying to find out who makes it.
hey t are you on anyof the Calgary vw forums is you user name the same?
Yep, I'm on, why are you in Calgary?
i actually got done today with my exhaust...went with 2.5 D-P.... 3 in wasnt going to have it, not enough space... make sure you have a 2.5 flange and flex pipe otherwise your gona be screwed...., after the 2.5 D-P i went with 3in back to the second muffler.... Took the middle one out..... kept the stock stealthy look in the back and a sick sounding exhaust now, all done for $200 i couldnt be happier right now:D
Cool, I've got a buddy that lives there. Hit me up if you ever need a VAG-COM scan or a set of hands, or just to see your ride.
what turbo? what manifold? in this stage of the game you can buy all the parts already made to fit and save yourself a world of head aches and frustration.
t3-60/63 on a atp manifold . mika 550 cc program , so no off the shelf downpipe will fit and a 3" exhaust for the passat is not made, I can fab a complete turbo back in stainless for $250 in materials where can you get that?

spoolin do you have any pics of your setup?
I ordered some stuff after talking to Ina on vortex so I decided to do 2.5" all the way back, now I just have to pick up some vbands and a muffler

my list is (all 409 stainless)
4ft length
two o2 bungs
three vband connectors

I will make a post when it comes time to do the fabwork
the full system will cost less than a test pipe and tt downpipe
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