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big question

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well this is comes very strange to me but on my 99 1.8 tip when im at a dead stop and go to acclerate it takes a a second or two to get up and going is there any way i could get rid of this little time spand .one of my buddies says theres a sensor that when you go to pinn it to the floor it will take a second? but yet on my moms dad 99 1.8 5spd the accleration is incerdible i mean i dont like autos but the tip is fun to drive i just dont like the lack of time it takes to get up. in the 5spd if i let go of the clutch from a stop the tires would break loose but on my 1.8 tip the only way you get the tires screaming is owning the turns on windy roads?
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turbo lag. with a 5spd u rev the engine a little with the cluth down, so the turbo is already spooled when u let the cluth out in first.
Not just turbo lag, but there is also lag with the Tip. Rumor has it that a Tip chip will help with this. I've got it too. Big time annoying. Downright dangerous if you're trying to get into traffic from a standstill. I remember reading that VW tuned it this way for the American market.

What's really bad about it is that you get on the gas, car sits there for a second, menawhile you're pushing further into the accelerator and when it finally decides to go, you're REALLY on it, and the turbo spools up and you tear ass outa there. You get used to it though. If you press down slightly on the gas from a stop, and then squeeze it down, it seems to respond in a more linear fashion. If you just jump on it, it's as if the computer tells the car to avoid the abrupt acceleration.
yeah i have had a few close calls pulling out into fast on going traffic where i floor it and im waiting for it to go. thank god nobody behind me was an asshole and rode my ass the one time or you could have said bye bye to my little :b5:
i think the Tip chip is in order...

i know i'll be adding one real soon...
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