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big break kit reqire an new master cylinder

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I heard from a freind that if i went to a bigger break kit


i would need a larger master cylinder?

true or not?
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I heard the same thing awhile ago. I know there are a couple of members with the ECS BBK and I don't think they upgraded their Master Cylinder. I'm going to be purchasing this kit as well in the near future. Just have to to get the calipers, already have the A8 rotors and Hawk HPS pads.

Hopefully Herman will chime in.

Its a preference thing; you'd have enough power to be able to lock your brakes either way. I don't know anyone on this board that's changed their MC, but it wouldn't be a bad idea with the extra piston surface area. Its just a matter of finding one that fits... :suspicio:
Like everyone else, i'm going from what iv'e heard from others..

If you go with ECS tunnings Porsche brakes, (the ones you pictured), they say there made for just that... Porsches. Our master cylinder can't use push those calipers to there max. The'll work, but in time your master might blow out trying to push those calipers (iv'e never know anyone to acualy blow there's, but again, what iv'e been told by many people a psiblity of what can happen).

Companies like brembo, and Stop Tech took this into mind,and made there big brake upgrades especificaly for our MC. So from a perfomance stand point, they might be a better chioce, but if you want the ultamate "wow" factor, then the Porsche brakes are the chioce!!
Ive done some reading up on this, and Herman can probably let us know about this exactly. Ill forward the link to him so he can take a look.

But, back on topic... Ive read that this is more of an issue with some of the Mk4 guys running BBK's on their cars. The MC for them is slightly smaller and when using a 13", or even ECS's new 14" kit, it could very well blow their brakes out. I have yet to hear of any issues at all with running any BBK on our Passats.

Back from camping trip. Just got the PM Steve.

The master cylinder issue is somewhat of an issue with certain year vehciles. IIRC, the 98' Passat's MC has a 25mm bore. Turns out this is adaquate. The older bores "may" of been 23mm which some had indicated did not apply enough pressure. Unfrotunately, this is all from memory about 4 years ago when I asked this question. Their archives don't go back that far.

Now keep in mind I have what's considered the "baby Porsche" calipers (non S 986's.) 996TT Calipers have been used with the stock MC. For an opinion on this, please contact "Wunderwagen" (David Graas.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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